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The Guardian and antisemitism

Originally posted on Shiraz Socialist:
It should not need saying, but it does: people can be as angry as they like at the Israeli government, but to attack a synagogue, threaten children at a Jewish school, or throw a brick…

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Bulla with “Bethlehem” on it found in Jerusalem

Haaretz writes today about another cool archaeological discovery, this time in the City of David excavations. Israeli archaeologists find earliest evidence of Bethlehem’s existence in Jerusalem dig: Ancient clay seal, dating to the First Temple period, bears the name Bethlehem … Continue reading

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Cool archaeological find at Tel Megiddo

Haaretz reports: In the summer of 2010, while digging in the area of the ancient palace at Tel Megiddo in the Jezreel Valley, archaeologists from Tel Aviv University found a clay bowl containing a second clay bowl, inside of which … Continue reading

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