Is this apartheid?

Israel gearing for effective separation of East Jerusalem Palestinians (Haaretz).

Last week, a new border crossing was opened in East Jerusalem’s Shoafat neighborhood, to little fanfare. Two days later, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat asserted that Israel should relinquish Palestinian neighborhoods of the capital that are beyond the separation barrier, despite the fact that their residents carry Israeli identity cards.

The Separation Wall at Abu Dis, Jerusalem

Some people view these events as two pieces of the same puzzle. A third piece is the resumption of work on separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim.

The Separation Wall at Abu Dis, Jerusalem

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3 Responses to Is this apartheid?

  1. iranaware1 says:

    The separate roads are due to the inability of the Palestinians to not throw rocks, or shoot at cars, same reason the wall is there… If you want to see a apartheid state, look to every Arab state

  2. I’ve read the charge that Arab states are apartheid states, but I don’t really know what that means – what do you mean by it?

  3. N. Friedman says:

    “Is this apartheid?”

    Walls and fences can have many reasons. Sometimes, there are good reasons. Sometimes, there are bad reasons. You can say the Israelis have a good reason or a bad set of reasons. Either way, that does not make it apartheid.

    The same for separate roads. Keeping people from killing each other was a perfectly good reason to create all sorts of travel restrictions in Northern Ireland. Why not in Israel?

    On my visit to Jerusalem recently, I saw a lot of Arabs all over the place, freely driving, freely walking, freely working, freely praying, freely doing all sorts of things, both with and not with Jews. In fact, relations between the Jews and Arabs I saw were mostly very cordial. What Israel is doing is simply not apartheid and to insinuate otherwise is, I think, offensive. What we have with the use of terms like apartheid is agitprop and you should know better.

    Rebecca, you are an interesting writer. But, you should remember a saying made about the US Constitution: it is not a suicide pact. And, giving remote legitimacy to nonsense – and, with my own eyes, I saw Jews and Arabs being cordial and treating each other respectfully, as equals – is unbecoming. Perhaps, Israel should cede the captured territories; perhaps not. But, to add in nonsense assertions just adds fuel to the fire, making rational discussion less possible.

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